What shall I do now….? What shall be my NEXT COURSE OF ACTION.


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Livestreaming Pokemon 3: The Movie

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Tinychat with Aradia? :D

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Sorry followers, feel free to unfollow me.

I officially quit Broadwaystuck.

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not sure how to feel right now

landofspoonsandtowels-deactivat whispered,

Kanaya spelled backwards is ayanaK. Aya-Nak. Aya is Japanese for Beautiful, and is also the name of, basically, a godess of beauty in Cherokee mythology. YOU ARE THE KANAYA. THE WHOLE TIME. THAT IS WHY YOU CAN BE IN THE SUN, AND WHY YOUR SO DIFFERENT. KANAYA IS YOU IN DISGUISE. You Sneaky Devil you. -Gman

………..oh my god.

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Streaming Drawings instead of stupid Facade!

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Live Streaming Facade!

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